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Home Inspection Pricing

In order to ensure a thorough inspection, it is necessary for me to have both the water and power on. However, I am more than willing to proceed with the inspection if the gas is turned off. Please note that if I need to make a return trip to inspect gas appliances, a return trip fee of $50 will apply. If you would like to reschedule the inspection or discuss alternative options, please let me know, and I will be happy to assist you further.

Home Inspection

Take a moment to review my fully transparent home inspection rates, designed to be affordable without compromising on the quality of my service. My commitment to excellent customer service and thorough inspections is unwavering. My goal is to provide rates that are fair and reasonable, understanding that the home buying process can be costly and stressful.

Let me ease your concerns by offering a high-quality inspection at an affordable price, ensuring you get the value and peace of mind you deserve. As an experienced home inspector, I am dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service possible, and my rates reflect that commitment to excellence.

  • Condo up to 1500 sq ft – $300
  • Homes up 1000 sq ft- $300
  • Homes 1001-1500 sq ft- $350
  • Homes 1501-2000 sq ft- $375
  • Homes 2001-2500 sq ft- $400
  • Homes 2501-3000 sq ft- $425
  • Homes 3001-3500 sq ft- $450
  • Homes 3501-4000 sq ft- $475
  • Homes 4001-4500 sq ft- $500
  • Homes 4501-5000 sq ft- $600
  • Homes Over 5000 sqft (call for quote)

Additional Fees

Please note that additional fees may be added to older properties because often there is more time involved in inspecting older properties simply due to their age. This is because older properties may require more detailed examination, which involves more pictures and reporting, and may require more time spent at the property and finalizing the report.

In addition, travel fees may be necessary for properties that exceed a reasonable distance from my location. These fees help cover additional fuel costs and time used for the travel. Currently, I can reach virtually all of the Las Vegas Metropolitan area without any additional travel fees. However, these fees may kick in on properties located outside of the Metro area.

Homes over 50 years old add an additional $50

Travel Distance from my office:

  • 50-75 miles add an additional $50
  • 76-100 miles add an additional $75
  • 101-125 miles add an additional $100
  • 126-150 miles add an additional $125
  • 151-175 miles add an additional $150
  • 176-200 miles add an additional $175
  • 201-250 miles add an additional $200

Additional Services

Please note that all buyers will receive one free re-inspection (mileage costs for over 50 miles) for any repairs made by the seller. This applies only to repairs made from my inspection findings. I will not reinspect for post-inspection damages including, but not limited to, fire, break-ins, water damage, latent defects, vandalism, or repairs made that had nothing to do with my inspection findings.

If the water or power is shut off, I will offer to reschedule the home inspection at no additional cost. I will perform a home inspection if the gas is off, however, this will be a limited inspection involving all gas appliances. If you choose for me to proceed with the inspection with one of the utilities being off and would like me to return to finish after the utility is back on, then there will be a re-inspection fee of $100.

  • Pool/Spa Inspection – $75
  • Casita – $50
  • Guesthouse – $50
  • Outbuilding – $50
  • New Construction – $100 In addition to square footage
  • Pre Warranty – $50 in addition to square footage
  • Thermal Imaging – $50
  • Wells/Septic – Coming Soon
  • Pest/Termite Inspection – Coming Soon
  • Sewer Scope – Coming Soon
  • Radon Testing – Coming Soon
  • Mold Inspection – Coming Soon